Pawn your GIA or Non Certified Diamonds.
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We can pay for all kinds of diamond jewelry.

NYC Pawn Shops pays competitive prices for all diamonds because we use RapNet which sources the best price with the latest technology. We ensure you will get the most accurate and current price for your diamond when pawning a diamond with us. We can pay for all kinds of diamonds from diamond engagement rings, to loose, rare and exotic stones. GIA, EGL certified diamond are also something we purchase as well. We specialize in pawning engagement rings and pay a premium price no matter what that is, we have unlimited funding available based on whatever your item is worth. 

Sell or Pawn Engagement Rings

We have the highest payouts for diamond engagement rings, no matter the reason for selling or getting a loan for your diamond we have unlimited options for everyone, so if your diamond is something you want to keep we can provide a loan for it and after it is paid off, you can get it back. 

Pawn Diamond Jewelry in NYC

NYC Pawn Shops is simply the best place to pawn diamonds and diamond jewelry in NYC. We have a safe, secure location and make the process as comfortable as possible.

We pay the most cash, and offer a buying solution or a loan program where we loan you money against the item, and best of all WE HAVE UNLIMITED FUNDING, so whether you need a loan for a few thousand or a few million, we have you covered. 

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 NYC Pawn Shop pays the most competitive prices for all fine jewelry, diamonds, luxury watches, and gold in the tri-state area.