What We Pawn

Pawn Your Luxury Watch

NYC Pawn Shops pays top dollar for luxury watches. Due to the high luxury watch demand we pay a premium for all Rolex, Cartier, Patek, Audemars, Piaget and other watches. 

Pawn Your Diamonds

Pawn your Diamonds to NYC Pawn Shops today. Just call us to schedule an appointment to bring the diamond that you would like to pawn into our office and we will pay you the most competitive price. 

Pawn Your Gold

NYC Pawn Shops makes pawning Gold Jewelry fast, free and easy when someone is looking to pawn gold in NYC. 

Pawn Your Gold Coins

NYC Pawn Shops makes selling gold coins in NYC easy. We pay for all graded and ungraded gold coins, bullion and bars in the NYC area. We make the process simple and fast in our office. Just bring the coins you are looking to pawn and we can get you the highest price.

Pawn Your Silver

NYC Pawn Shops lends for all silver, including silver coins, flatware, bullion, bars, sterling silver, new or used. We pay top dollar for silver when someone is looking to pawn silver in NYC.

Pawn Your Platinum

NYC Pawn Shops pawns all platinum jewelry, coins and bars. We give you immediate payment when bringing all of your platinum items in. We make the process for pawning platinum safe and easy. 

Get An Offer Now

 NYC Pawn Shop pays the most competitive prices for all fine jewelry, diamonds, luxury watches, and gold in the tri-state area.